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Integral v1.4.0 has been released!

I am happy to announce that Integral 1.4.0 has been released. This includes a whole bunch of things but probably most exciting are the new class & object dashboards as well as the new recent activity widget which shows a full history of user changes.

Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • If any Post or Page content contains images with class of 'lazyload' you'll need to use the `#editor_body` method when instaniating Ckeditor otherwise the lazyload images will not appear within the editor
  • All Posts must be associated to an Integral::Category through the `category` association


  • Add user, post and page dashboards
  • Add recent activity cards on backend dashboards & object show pages
  • Add backend post and page show pages
  • Blog - Improved default frontend blog styling
  • Blog - Added Post category management & category listing pages - Every post must have one category
  • Add webhook management for Post creation, updates, deletion and publication
  • Gallery - Handles pausing YouTube videos on close
  • Gallery - When only one item is present no longer shows thumbnail gallery and gallery controls
  • LazyLoading - Automatically mark Twitter & Instgram oEmbeds as Lazy Loads and handle lazy loading images with the 'lazyload' class
  • Updated Suggest Tags input to accept freeInput option (defaults to true) - when set to false only provided typeahead tags are valid
  • Set default title and notifications to Integral Backend CRUD endpoints
  • Pages - Added 'Archived' status
  • Remote Form - Added reset-on-success option to allow preventing the reseting of forms
  • Swiper List Page Widget - Add optional 'html_classes' option
  • Add `render_card` backend helper


  • Lists - Unescape URLs within the renderer rather than on the view (handles nil cases)
  • Users - Searching by name in backend
  • Post cloning - Do not copy over `published_at`
  • Record Selector - Fix image not displaying correctly in details sidebar
  • Lists are touched when a list item is removed


  • Frontend Post Index - Remove N+1 for user & images
  • Backend activities - Improved grid search by removing changeset from query




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