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Integral v1.2.0 has been released!

I hope everyone has had a great summer (in the northern hemisphere at least)!

I am happy to announce that Integral 1.2.0 has been released. This release includes a bunch of fixes and new features, particular with the WYSIWYG editor.

Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • Removed Pickadate - Use Jquery Datepicker instead


  • Post, Page & List cloning
  • Add JSON-LD on the blog index and show pages
  • Ckeditor - Add link balloon toolbar
  • Ckeditor - Use Enhanced Image plugin
  • Ckeditor - Use SCAYT (spell checker) by default
  • Ckeditor - Add Foundation Callout plugin - Makes callouts widgets which are draggable and removable
  • User login - In development default the login form to the first user and do not validate passwords
  • Posts - Can now update author of a post
  • Grids - When grid filtering fails display error message to user
  • RemoteForm now allows overriding of callbacks
  • Post searching - Backend search now searches by slug as well as title
  • Page searching - Backend search now searches by path as well as title


  • Open social links in new tab & add rel noopener to each link
  • Backend - Reduce duplication within controllers
  • Posts - Fix filtering
  • List Management - Unescape special characters when displaying URLs of objects
  • Readded instagram URL editing in backend & remove Google+
  • Move ApplicatonController's override of render to public


  • Ckeditor - Update to 4.11.1


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