Integral CMS

A Rails CMS which just works.

Create a website (which does stuff) within minutes powered by Rails 5.


100% free and open source. Easy to get started.

Deploy a professional website without all the hassle

Integral CMS combines all the tools necessary to create a website which stands up to the elements, whether you’re creating that niche blog you’ve always wanted or developing a complex application for a client.

Don’t worry there are no fancy over complicated methodologies to learn, so long as you have a basic grasp of Rails then you’ll be up and running in no time - with the ability to easily customise Integral to exactly what you want.

Content focused

Create fascinating blog posts and interesting pages using Integrals sleek backend. Integrated SEO gives you full control of your online presence.

Simple setup & customisation

Integral follows convention over configuration allowing you to get started within minutes whilst providing flexibility through configurable settings

Production Ready

Powers websites & applications big and small. Actively maintained & tested by the community to improve features as well as develop new functionality.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Integral wouldn't be possible without all those individuals who have spent time and effort to create great software and then make it freely available through open source, to name a couple...


User Authentication


Image Management


Activity Tracking

Plus lots more...

Super easy setup

Add the gem to your Rails application.

gem 'integral'

Run Integral’s installer

rails g integral:install

Visit localhost:3000 and voila! Check out /admin to edit the example page or create your first blog post.


Built with Foundation

Responsive front-end framework

Foundation makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites that look amazing on any device. Integral uses it as the default front-end framework because it’s flexible, readable and jam-packed with features to help people rapidly build content-focused websites.

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Heroku Ready

Super fast deployment

Deploy in no time with Heroku using facilities such as GitHub integration, pipelines, review apps as well as code and data rollbacks.

Management, simplified

Heroku handles the developer operations side of things so you can focus on creating amazing websites. Scaling, metrics, add ons and continuous delivery and all provided by Heroku.

Production Ready

Battle Tested

Used to power applications from the smallest blog to multi-language sites with 1000s of pages, Integral is ready for almost any use case

CI Enabled

Tests, code quality and coverage checks are carried out automatically whenever any changes are made to Integral to ensure good development practise and code is functioning properly

A Rails CMS which will knock your socks off

Creating a professional website on Rails has never been easier

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